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Ayisat Ojulari-Sulyman LPN

First of all I would like to appreciate Mrs. Preet, Mrs. P. and my instructor Mrs. Sally Hull for their support during the school year.  It was a great learning experience for me.  I rotated a lot of great clinical facilities, acquiring a lot of nursing skills that would aid my career as as a student.  Words are not enough to express my experience at Falcon Institute.  I wish the school future success of graduating competent, skillful, compassionate student nurses.

Naomi Nganga LPN

I am so grateful to have attended Falcon Institute of Health and Science.  It was a good experience and the instructors were wonderful.  I could not have asked for better instructors especially Mrs. Hull, Mrs. P., and Mr. Steve.  I will be always grateful and thankful for the skills they taught me so that I can go out there and care.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Long live Falcon!

Melissa Fox LPN

I had a great experience!  Thank you for the opportunity to be able to pursue my dream of nursing.  A profound thank you to all our faculty, staff and instructors for all of their time, patience, dedication, commitment and encouragement to keep pushing through when we could not.  Thank you for believing in us and guiding us along the way to succeed.  We did not do this moment alone.

Venessa Collazo LPN

I had a great experience at Falcon Institute of Health and Science.  The year went flying by!  The Director of Nursing, Mrs. P, had extensive experience in nursing, which was demonstrated in her teaching.  My professor, Mrs. Hull, inspired and guided me.  I couldn’t ask for a better professor.  Thanks for the wonderful experiences.  I definitely recommend the program.

Tianna Maddox LPN

Being a part of Falcon Institute’s first LPN program class has been a great learning experience.  The program has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to go into the LPN field of nursing with the confidence that I will be able to complete the tasks of my trade.  With the small class size and vast amount of clinical hands on hours completed during the courses gave me an outlook of what to expect when I become part of the nursing workforce.  Overall the program was a great choice for me and I believe others that will join in the future will agree.

Odette Cummings LPN

This program has been a life changing experience for me.  When other schools refused to accept me, Falcon reached out to me.  Thanks to Mrs. Chahal for having the insight to open a Practical Nursing School that is cheaper and flexible so that single working parents could achieve their dreams.  The staff has been very helpful with my concerns.  Thank you Falcon!

Florence Dada LPN

Looking back to my time at Falcon, I have come to realize that it was the right place for me to start my nursing career.  I was challenged and learned something extra-ordinary with every one of my patient experiences and was given so many learning opportunities!  I was introduced to a variety of nursing fields that gave me clarity for the kind of patients I wanted to work with after I graduated from Falcon.  The instructors not only went above and beyond to assist students in our learning and understanding, but also taught me the compassion and care to use in my professional journey.  Special thanks goes to the CEO Mrs. Chahal, Mrs. Hull and Mrs.  Pistchelli 
for giving me this opportunity.

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