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Our Philosophy

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  • We believe in creating an environment of caring, loving kindness and a desire to enhance human dignity in order to teach students how to create a caring and healing environment for the good of the people they serve.
  • We believe that each student can acquire knowledge, skills and competency when they choose to focus and study the task at hand in order to become quality health care workers who maintain integrity.
  • We believe that students will benefit greatly from strong leaders who have a strong vision, courage, confidence, integrity, humility, and an ability to listen.
  • We believe in having respect for each individual and that consequently this will command an attitude of respect from each student.
  • We believe in rising above our own egos and creating a non-judgmental atmosphere in order to help each student succeed.
  • We believe in a positive focus on successes rather than failures, in strengths rather than weaknesses, and in leading others toward this focus.
  • We believe in order to provide holistic care, health care professionals must respect each individual’s values as human beings and must have sensitivity to their individual situations.

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