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Dearest students , faculty and staff,

We appreciate so much how you have all risen to the great challenge that this COVID19 pandemic has presented us with.  Please remember to think about one day at a time,  to do the very best you can to first protect yourselves and your families, and then to continue each day to set realistic goals to accomplish – one day at a time.

Although we have all been bombarded with information regarding COVID19,  we want to assure that each of you has the tools that you need to find up to date information regarding this virus and how to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Please use the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website to find answers to the many questions that you and your loved ones may want to find answers to, as below:

Please remember to take this time to enjoy the things that you don’t normally have the opportunity to enjoy!Please stay healthy by practicing your safety behavior.

Preet Chahal 

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